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Music Class

Footscray Music Conservatorium


This page is dedicated to finding all types of people that want to support creating the Foot. Music Conservatorium. The goal is to build a space that focuses on music education, music pathways our Arts industry and ustilising a model that is popular all over the world. Become a part of making this a reality and sign up today.

Welcome to our FMC page

How you can help, and where to get started

We’ll need people from all walks of life to join our team and make this a reality for the community. Search our website to see how you can best fit in and bring your skills to the proposed Footscray Music Conservatorium.

Dream to Reality

This is our dream and we’re only at the beginning - but it’s been made a reality all over the world, as well as in our neighboring state of NSW. We’ve outlined a simple roadmap below for where we’re at and where we’re going. Step by step we'll take the community on our journey as we build the Footscray Music Conservatorium.

Phase 1

  • spread the word

  • build our network

  • form the board

  • register the NFP

Phase 2

  • introduce the board

  • create connections

  • craft the FMC strategy

  • seek funding & investment

Phase 3

  • present the strategy

  • define our impact

  • chart a roadmap forward

  • fund the next steps

Phase 4

  • meet with stakeholders

  • connect with community

  • forecast & finalise

  • invite partners & participants

The Conservatorium Model

What they do, how they work and why we need one
What they do, how they work and why we need one
What they do, how they work and why we need one

Watch videos and read about other Music Conservatoriums - this will provide an insight into the programs they run and how they work. It’s the model the Footscray Music Conservatorium (FMC) is aiming to replicate. If you’re on board, remember to register your intention to join the team.

Silverlake Conservatorium EST 2001

Silverlake discusses when they were established, the purpose of Silverlake, and how they contribute to the community. Their region needed a Con and ours does too - the FMC would bring the same values and attributes to our network.

2 Million Investment in Music 2019 
Central Coast Con NSW

NSW Government investing two million in access to music for young people, programs, and music education. Read more on Central Coast Con below. We know that music education needs real support and backing. These investments have been made all over the globe because this model takes the pressure off communities and gives musicians of all ages a more sustainable alternative.

Regional Music Officers NSW Conservatorium

The RMO meeting discusses how the regional conservatoriums established over 40 years ago in NSW work within their communities with live music. The FMC will strive to offer our community the same connections, intersections and pathways.

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