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Logo Comp FMC

The Footscray Music Conservatorium is after logo/promotional designs and ideas that we can present to FMC visually in the community. This comp is open to all ages and all creative ideas! 

  • We need to clearly see FMC 

  • How you decide to present the idea of FMC is up to you 

  • Be as creative as you can or if you like, keep things simple and clean

  • Add concepts and ideas to your logo that deal with music and community 

  • If you want to think outside the box - do so and send it in!

  • Have fun, conjure all the ideas you can 

The plan is to use the designs/logos to promote and reflect the community and music. We will choose more than one design as there are so many ways your design might be used! Keep this in mind when you are designing your ideas.

Your design might end up on something below...

Logo, Posters, T-Shirts, Stickers, Badges, Bags

The goal 

Join our growing music education cluster!

Email Design to

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