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Programs at FMC

Find some more information below on the sorts of programs and events the FMC will offer the community. These programs have been crafted based on community feedback, data we’ve collected and conversations we’ve had with many stakeholders. The FMC grants our community the space and dedicated personnel to curate and facilitate these programs.

School Program

The FMC will always be there to provide specialised music tuition outside of school hours, but our aim is to make sure all students can access high-quality, sustainable and consistent music education on-site within their school communities. 


Our school programs enable institutions to link together - primary, high school and tertiary - creating clear pathways and opportunities for excellence and enrichment. The FMC will cluster smaller schools together into an ensemble program so they’re connected in this way too, and the possibilities there are endless. Working collaboratively in this way allows schools to run combined performance events and stage productions.

Music Class
Music Festival

Community Program 

The FMC won’t just support music-making in school settings. We’ll act as connective tissue with community ensembles and provide an opportunity for musicians of all ages to get involved. Our local orchestras, concert band and choirs are the lifeblood of communities and provide a place for everyone to learn, rehearse and perform together. 


We’re all about pathways too, so there’ll be ways for all ages and ability levels to link in and out as their lifestyles allow - music classes for young children, ways for teenagers to form their own musical groups and a forum for amateur adults to find their voice.

Inclusive Needs & Wellbeing

Making sure everyone has access to music is more than just a cost or equipment thing. Some people come to music for comfort, recovery or to connect and we need to create inclusive spaces that welcome all types of musicians. The FMC will be a place where individuals with diverse needs can access the staff, resources and infrastructure they need, while also operating as a haven for those who require support for health and wellbeing. 


The FMC will empower the entire community to become involved in music and act as space dedicated to delivering equal opportunities for all.

Music Class

& Workshops

Outside of the lesson room, the regular week or the school term, the FMC will still be active. There’ll be school holiday ensemble workshops where students of all ages and communities can come together to have fun and flesh out their music skills. Regular ensembles formed within the community will have a place to meet and make music, whether they’re looking for a little something extra or pursuing it as a hobby. 


Learning music is a great exercise in self-discipline and development, but the best way to enjoy it is to connect with others and create something special.

Meet new friends and explore music education 

Education Pathways

The FMC tethers every part of the music learning journey together but in particular acts as a bridge for young musicians intending to tackle a tertiary degree or performance career. Countless communities across Australia and beyond have a dedicated institution that specialises in this sort of focus and excellence, and Melbourne’s West should be no different. 


Check out the following to get a sense of the FMC flavour:


Griffith University Young Conservatorium 

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Young Artist Academy

San Francisco Conservatory of Music Pre-College Program

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