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Our Team

The team below are the nuts and bolts of creating, driving, and building the FMC. We’re here to make the impossible possible - by establishing the first music conservatorium dedicated to making quality music education pathways accessible to everyone. 

If you’ve got some time to volunteer and are keen to join the team and bring along your skills to help make this happen, get in touch. The FMC will mean so much to so many - it’s time to get involved.


Emmet Brazil 


Emmet Brazil is a qualified educator, musician, and business owner. He has a focus on the communication, industry connection, and investment of the FMC. 


Social Media & Marketing

Join the Team 

This is perfect for anyone who’s got Social Media skills and communication chops. We’ll need help messaging, marketing, and making the FMC heard.


Community Liaison

Join the Team 

The FMC will be all about community, and that means identifying those among our network who can get stuff done and generate grassroots interest and engagement from those around them. If you’ve got strong ties to the community or ideas for getting folks to join the band-wagon, we’d love to have you with us.


What have we missed?

Join the Team 

If you think you have another skill set to offer the team get in touch we can't wait to hear from you. 

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Lyn Spiteri


Lyn is a qualified educator, musician and dedicated member of the Westgate Band. Lyn has a focus on wellbeing, curriculum developments and education pathways. 

Plants and Coffees

Administration Support

Join the Team 

In order to create a positive culture for the best learning, teaching, and music-making, the FMC will need some solid administration in place. Those of you who are good with people, paragraphs and planning are welcome to join us.


Events & Fundraising

Join the Team 

Many hands make light work! Once we’re up and running, there’ll be events that need managing so anyone who knows their way around lanyards and logistics is key for the FMC. Another string that’s crucial to our bow is funds - so anyone who’s got a fundraising idea or is happy to oversee that sort of thing for us should get in touch.

Join the team with and make a difference 

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