Join Us

Meaningful, sustainable and impactful hubs like the FMC relies on the dedication, effort and inspiration of every person involved. Thank you for taking the time to register your interest in joining our team and volunteering to help make the FMC a reality. Read on and watch for more information, and if you’ve got any questions - get in touch with us.

Board Members

We’ve got the vision and the dream, but we need expert help to realise the FMC for our community. If you’ve got some extra time, skills in NFP governance, funding and philanthropy, marketing or music education, we’d love to hear from you. The Board will play a key role in implementing the strategy, scope and sustainability of the FMC.


Community Member

No one can build something this special alone. We’re proud of the community we belong to and welcome the diverse and impressive talents and perspectives of everyone. Anyone prepared to volunteer their time and energy to support the FMC are welcome to join the team. Share your ideas, lend an extra set of hands operationally or help spread the word. If you’re keen, so are we.


Industry Member

We need people who are passionate about music education to join the FMC team, but what we’re creating is bigger than that. That’s why we’re asking anyone with education experience - music or otherwise - to jump on board. Maybe you’ve worked in a NFP before, or your business or institution is connected to our sector more broadly. Live music venues, composers, sound technicians, curriculum designers, educational leaders, community liaisons… the list goes on! Lend us your expertise and be part of sustainable change.


Junior Member

We’re committed to creating change in our spaces, but we also want to facilitate more agency and empowerment for the young musicians in our community. Who better to help us craft sustainable pathways, inclusive opportunities and engaging programs than the students who will ultimately take part? We know there’s a generation of dedicated, talented and enthusiastic people coming through right now - so if you’re a student and want to make an impact, get in touch with us.


Thank you for the support and spread the word